I have to sell my house in Jacksonville! Not Getting Results you expected?

Mike & Cindy Jones
Mike & Cindy Jones
Published on September 21, 2017

Many people ask us “can you sell my house” Our answer of course is certainly we can. As a matter of fact if we can’t sell your house…. we whole heartedly believe no one can. The problem is they usually ask after they have already been on the market for 6 months with terrible results. Did your last agent over promise and under deliver? Tired of the same old marketing? Not getting the results you were looking for with your last agent? Too many agents are still relying on old ways of marketing homes for sale. 

We do things differently… including advanced digital marketing to reach the right buyers where they’re at.
Before you re-list and risk getting more of the same you should at least let us show you what we do differently to sell a house than any other agents in north east Florida that gets results like the ones below 904 874-0422

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These sellers asked us how we would sell my house on the river off Heckscher Dr. A custom waterfront home on Shad Creek. Deep water all the time. They listed with us… we SOLD it in 55 days with multiple offers.
Take a look at the video we created and promoted to get the house SOLD!

The home below sat on the market with Remax for 193 days and went unsold.  The sellers asked us to sell my house and took advantage of our extensive marketing plan and we SOLD it in 41 days! Watch the video that SOLD it! It’s not just the video that sells our listings….It’s what we do with those videos that get the result and the answer to “sell my house”

The house below was For Sale By Owner and went UNSOLD for months on end. The sellers asked how to sell my house and listed with Mike & Cindy Jones, Realtors and we SOLD it in 13 Days! Watch the Video that helped sell it!

Below… historic Avondale home on the river sat on the market for 418 days with Traditions Realty and went UNSOLD! The sellers asked how to sell my house in Jacksonville, listed with us and …yes, you guessed it. We SOLD it!

Below – Waterfront in Jacksonville. Listed with Remax and went UNSOLD after 367 days on the market. Seller said “Sell my House” and listed with Mike & Cindy Jones, Jacksonville Realtors and they SOLD it in 96 days!

(below) This house sat on the market for 262 days with Davidson Realty and went UNSOLD! The final asking price before it came off the market was $232,950.
We listed it for $239,000 after the sellers pleaded for us to “sell my house” and put it under contract in 14 days. SOLD for full price! The seller netted over $6000 more. Do you think this seller liked our advanced digital marketing plan that answered the sellers plea to sell my house? Watch the video marketing that sold it.

And more below. This house listed with another real estate firm for 196 days. Went UNSOLD. When the sellers asked us what they had to do to sell my house we told them they needed a new plan. New photos, marketing, and agents with an ongoing marketing program and “go get ’em” attitude. They listed with us…. yes, we SOLD it!

There’s more. Many more… This house in the Ft Caroline area previously listed with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services for 183 days. Went Unsold. Sellers listed with us after we showed them the answer to their question… How do I sell my house. We marketed it aggressively and put it under contract in just 54 days.

Here are some other examples:

Fleming Island – Originally listed with Professional Point Realty for 198 days. Went Unsold! Sellers re-listed with Explore Realty for 322 more days…went UNSOLD! Sellers said Sell My House, We listed it and SOLD it in 127 days.

Queens Harbour – Listed with Realty Select Services for 298 days and went UNSOLD! Sellers said Sell My House! We listed it and SOLD it in 68 days.

Hidden Hills Country Club – Listed with Watson Realty for 2 1/2 years. Yes that’s two and a half years. Went UNSOLD! After asking How do I sell my house and listening to our marketing plan, The sellers listed with us…we SOLD it in 3 days! Yes 3 days!

San Jose – Listed with The Legends of Real Estate for 453 days. We listed it and SOLD it in 53 days. We answered the sellers question…. how do I sell my house

Isle of Palms – Seller tried selling it himself for 120 days. Seller called and said “I tried to sell my house FSBO and I’m tired”….Finally listed with us…we SOLD it in 3 weeks!

Julington Creek – Listed first with Oceanside Real Estate for 209 days. Yep…went UNSOLD! We listed it and it SOLD in 32 days!

St Johns County – Listed with Watson Realty for 2 years. UNSOLD! The sellers listed with Mike & Cindy Jones…we SOLD it in just 65 days and answered the sellers question of how will you sell my house.

Ortega – Originally listed with Watson Realty for 317 days. Went UNSOLD! We listed it and SOLD it in 45 days.

Riverside – Sellers listed with a friend from Exit Realty for 123 days. Didn’t sell. Asked us Sell my house. We listed it and had it SOLD in 88 days.

Jacksonville Beach – Listed with Remax for 180 days. You guessed it. It didn’t sell. Sellers trusted us with the listing and we SOLD it in only 57 days!

Our aggressive and unique marketing program gets results other agents don’t. Put us to the test… we offer an “Easy Exit” listing and NO agents will work harder to get your home SOLD!

Testimonials & reviews of Mike & Cindy Jones, Jacksonville Realtors

Dave & Nina R
Four days later, Cindy & Mike presented their update on real estate market changes since our last purchase 15-years ago, creative ideas to pre-launch the listing/e-commerce skills, the layout for the listing, and market pricing considerations. Within a few weeks, our home was listed, launched with 40+ professional photos of the entire property which were beautifully done. Additionally, the C&M Team produced a “live video” highlighting several features of our home, sharing our unique island lifestyle. In less than 45-days, we were under contract with a backup offer from each of the US coasts, pretty amazing-especially without an open house. Clearly, the C&M Team delivered on creativity, resourcefulness, communication, and marketing skills. I highly recommend Cindy and Mike for any real estate needs. Not only was our real estate experience beyond my expectations, we now have two new friends! Thanks so much Cindy and Mike!!”

Keith & Debra Hansen
We were really needing to sell my house in Jacksonville.Our house was on the market for almost 3 years with different companies. When we pulled the house off the market for a month, we got something in the mail from Mike and Cindy and they sounded like the realtors to use! Within 3 days of getting the paper work to Mike, he had an offer on the house. Mike was always keeping me posted on everything that was going on. We were out of town when the house was sold and when we had to get a few things fixed before closing, Mike was over at the house to let the workers in and stayed till they were done and sent me pictures of what they were fixing so we knew. I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy a house in the Jacksonville area!! Thanks Mike!

Rick & Denise Woodson
Mike was knowledgeable, friendly and professional making the experience enjoyable instead of stressful. Mike knew we were first time home buyers and he was honest, helpful and didn’t push us in any way.

Ann Marie Williamson
Cindy was extremely helpful, polite and courteous. She was always there when we needed her and had answers for everything!

Cate Vreeland
Cindy Jones is fantastic! I hope all Realtors are as patient, kind, humorous, helpful and efficient as Cindy….she ROCKS!

The Gruenemeiers
Mike & Cindy are very personable, experienced and wonderful to deal with. They have considerable knowledge and are aware of many different ways to get you into a home.

Rob & Margarita Coyle
Mike provided 110% customer satisfaction! An excellent Realtor I recommend for Realtor of the year..He’s very efficient! Sold our house in the morning…closed on our new one in the afternoon without a hitch.

Diann Samuel
Cindy was always readily available to answer all my questions. Most of all I felt very comfortable with the way she handled things!

Mr. & Mrs. George Waggoner
Mike is a true professional who goes above and beyond. All agents should follow Mike Jones’ lead!

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Zabel
Mike is an excellent guy and Cindy is wonderful! They have a lot of patience and are willing to help with everything. If I every need to sell or buy….I’m calling Mike & Cindy!

Dustin & Angie Crawford
Thankfully we found Mike Jones..he went above and beyond what it took to make us happy. Not only is Mike a good Realtor, he is a wonderful person too…Mike Jones should serve everyone in Jacksonville!

Mr. & Mrs. John Arms
Mike does his job very well and follows up with every detail. His professionalism and integrity are second to none!

Phillip and Caroland Williford
Mike was very professional, friendly and always aware of what we were looking for as his clients. We received very good service from Mike Jones and you should have more people like hime working for your company.

Paul Fisher
Mike and Cindy worked very hard to get our home SOLD! They also promptly answered all my questions and did everything they promised and more.

Abe Sharqawi
Mike kept his word and returned calls on time. Very important attributes I look for in people.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kananszka
Mike was friendly, followed through and provided our home with excellent exposure. He did everything he said he would and worked hard for us to sell our home!

Rafael & Rosa Delatorre
Mike Jones is very professional and honest. He was always in contact with us from contract to closing keeping us thoroughly informed. We highly recommend Mike to all our friends!

Scott & Michelle Logan
Mike is professional, courteous and does exactly what he says he is going to do. When the time comes for us to buy our next home or sell my house we will surely use him. His company should be very thankful that he is a person with such integrity & enthusiasm!

Peggy Longuil
Mike and Cindy are both very efficient. They know their job and do it very well!

Frank & Ruth Hamwey
Mike sold our home, our cousins home next door and sold them both in record time. In my opinion….there are no other agents in Jacksonville!

Paul & Arlena Grubs
We are very satisfied with Mike & Cindy. They were always polite and available to answer my calls and questions. We will continue to recommend them. They do a great job!

James & Lynn Hughes
What else can we say……excellent, excellent, excellent!

Joe & Heather Selvaggio
Mike and Cindy were great to work with! They found us the perfect house in just a couple of days!

Hank & Irene Yacek
Mike was sincere polite and accommodating with no pressure. I liked that he always returned my calls.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Phipps
Mike and Cindy did a wonderful job. Very efficient, courteous and the best Realtors we’ve ever encountered!

Bill & Rose Lorenzen
We are extremely satisfied! They got the job done, they were honest, thourough, understood our situation, helpful and responsive. The only suggestion we have to improve the service of your company is to “Clone Mike & Cindy Jones”!!

Francis & Irene Matuszek
Mike Jones answered all my questions in a pleasant and knowledgeable manner. He was informative, efficient and responsive to our every need in this endeavor! You’re doing great with Mike Jones!

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